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Red Angus is a medium-sized, solid-colored British breed, that can vary from light red to dark red.  This type of breed is raised for its economic efficiency and attributes which makes them a profitable option for producers. Red Angus cattle are known to have a calm temperament. This makes it easier to handle and therefore your weight gains are more efficient. The light color of the Red Angus makes them more heat tolerant than the darker races and is the ideal breed for tropical and subtropical conditions. By having less heat stress effects, consumption and weight gains are improved compared to dark colored breeds.

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The Red Angus stands out from the rest

The Angus breed is known for having excellent maternal characteristics and ease in birth weight (CE). Low birth weights combined with excellent growth characteristics. The standard of the beef cattle herd in the US (which is influenced by the genetics of Red Angus) is to achieve weaning weights of about 615 lbs. Due to their reddish faces and pigmented eyelids, Red Angus cattle are less likely to develop eye cancer and other eye problems than white-faced cattle.

This breed is characterized by its ability to deposit high levels of intramuscular fat (marbling). This improves the taste and softness of the meat. Due to its rapid growth, good food efficiency and moderate size, the red Angus produces the yields necessary to ensure an economic profitability higher than the average of other races.

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The future of livestock business

The Red Angus breed is an excellent choice for crossbreeding programs with Bos Indicus animals as Brahman. By crossing these two races, the genetics of both races can be optimized. When crossing a smaller British breed, such as the Red Angus, with animals of Bos Indic breeds we can generate animals that are tolerant to heat, have high levels of resistance to insects, are docile, are larger and stronger and have the desired maternal qualities.

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